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Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
The login you use to the WP ADMIN CP is not VB. Users logging into that control panel are actually using their WP credentials.

Now if you are logging in via WP comments then yes you can use VB credentials but at this time it does not log you into both. Not a bad idea though and will put that on the todo list.

Existing wp users will have to use their VB credentials to comment at this time. No other way around that really.

I think what I needed to understand is that the VB database tables are the ones that are in charge of the users username/password information. So I am now "trying" to use ImExp to import the users from the wp db accross to the vb db fields.

im struggling with the impex because my wp default tables are all prefixed with wp_ and my old forum (bbpress) is prefixed with bb_ which confuses matters slightly since there is no generic prefix for the whole db

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