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I need advice

In the month of September a droplet of hot oil went in my right eye while frying something. I went to doctor, he examine my eye and said it's minor injury and gave me eye drops that i had used for 5 months after that i stopped using them and my eye again started to give me troubles like aching, dryness, puffyness. I don't understand what to do now? Kindly help me ?
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Most likely the mucous membrane of your eye hasn't yet recovered. Perhaps you don’t need to use therapeutic drops that help against inflammation and infections, but you can use moisturizing drops (they are similar in composition to the tears, you can check it here Canada Drugs ) or moisturizing eye gel. I use the gel every day because of dry eye syndrome and it really helps me. I don’t have the feeling that the sand got into my eyes and it seems to me that I began to see better.
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