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Jeff 02-09-2011 09:43 AM

Why I Do Not Support VB 4.x
I tried, yes I tried but I just do not like vBulletin 4.x. In my opinion, the new team is just putting out a horrible product. Hey, I understand this can happen and it may take time to fix it, but they seem to ignore that there even is a problem. I just find the new design/code paradigm terribly narrow. Most IB sites haven't upgraded either so that tells me enough that even management is not happy with it. If they will not put their money (their sites) where their product is, why would I even consider it?

Whenever you even question their work they seem to get indignant or reply with a curt attitude. I have decided to adopt the same posture towards their current 4.x line.

So will I ever support future versions of vbulletin? Maybe, if they ever get their heads out of their asses and put out a decent product then I may. In the meantime, there are many more 3.8 sites out there that are moving forward without IB. Those are the people I am supporting.

kpmedia 02-21-2011 02:39 AM

You're not alone.

I didn't see any real functional improvement to vB 4.x. All it did was add crap (blogs, more "social" stuff) and change the template system. In fact, it's been my observation that a lot of seemingly basic forum-related wants went ignored from 3.x user suggestions. And I do get rather tired of the "go look at" approach taken by vB staff on To get vB to do what we want, us users have to rely on each other, and on 3rd-party products (vBSEO). I think vB could learn from the WordPress community.

I'll continue to customize, patch and harden vB 3.x for as long as I can. Given the ability to update to $50 upgrade extensions, I think vB finally realized that trying to force existing users to adopt 4.x wasn't going to happen.

Anyway, my 2 cents. :)

Jeff 02-21-2011 08:22 AM

I agree with you pretty much except that I am not as confident that VB has realized is is pointless to force people to upgrade to a broken product.

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