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zbdblues 04-02-2011 11:22 AM

World wide messenger
Hello, i'm new to the forum and not too sure what it's all about.
I got re-directed here after doing a google search for world wide creations and noticed a post about one of their scripts alumni. Thought i'd just write a bit about one of their other scripts, world wide messenger.
I'd been searching for an email script about three or four years ago and first came across one called jilmail which was apparently for sale but i couldn't find the link apparently it was a clone of another system.
I eventually tracked it down and got it free, then learned that it was under dispute as it had been stolen from world wide creations. A little while later i found the WWC script was now being given away free and downloaded it. Had some trouble installing it but finally got the hang of it, and just remembered it recently. Have installed it now and it seems to be working fine, have also found the template that was included with the jilmail version, and have utilised that too.
Was just wondering if anyone here remembers this script, if anyone has any experience with it, is it reliable? I have had some minor trouble with it, i think it's down to my hosting, occasionally when i try to read mail i get a duplicate entry message in DBI or something like that, but in general it seems quite relaiable. Does anyone know if it's stable enough to run as a service? Would be interesting to get feed back on it.
Also, i'm fascinated to know what the conflict was between WWC and Jilmail, i'd read something about it on their website but it was vague.
Also, i did also download their world wide instant messenger, but have never got round to installing it. Does anyone know anything about that too? Was really looking for feed back with a view to using these scripts on my sites.

Jeff 04-04-2011 05:59 AM

None of these products are available or supported here.

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