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Visual editor gone and HTML editor default after upgrading

First, thanks for this great plugin. It works fine, even with vB4. I know it's not supported for vb4 but here is my situation, maybe someone knows what solution could be.
I'm now on Wordpress 3.3.2 + vBulletin 4.1.10. I didn't upgraded vB since installing vbridge. It worked great, except avatar not showing in wp comments, but that wasn't big issue. So, when I upgraded (yesterday) vbridge to 10.1.0 and WP to 3.3.2, Visual editor gone and HTML editor is default now (there is no tab for switching to Visual or HTML).

When I disable vbridge plugin everything is fine. Also if I disable all plugins, except vbridge - problem still exists.
It's still possible to write posts in HTML editor, but lot of users aren't that much comfortable with it. If someone have similar problem or solution, please post here.
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