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Comprehensive Ignore System

The Comprehensive Ignore System allows your users to ignore more than just a users text in a post.

First, users can ignore entire threads. These threads will then not show up in searches, forumdisplay, and "new posts".

Second, if a user puts someone on their ignored list, they stay ignored, meaning their threads will not show up in forum displays, searches, or "new posts".

Users can ignore threads with certain tags.

Users can select to ignore an entire forum, so that they no longer see it, nor do search results that are located in those forums show to the user.

Complete user group control for each of these features.

Admin can also clear a users ignores when editing a user.

Users can review and remove ignores from their UserCP.

Requires two small template edits (sorry, no template hooks where this product needed them).

If your template is not 3.8 ready, then you will have to make a couple of more manual template edits.

Do not forget to edit the user groups!

This product was developed for Social Knowledge and released here for others to enjoy.

NO, this is NOT 4.x compatible.
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