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Finding functions

I find a lot of times I have to debug scripts that I am not very familiar with and it requires a bit of search & stepping. Invariably I find that I have to locate a function to find out how it is manipulating data or other operations. Some of these scripts are composed of hundreds of different files and can make this a bit tedious. Here is where grep is your friend! Say you are looking for the function hide_Password. Navigate to the directory via the command line (Linux) and type:

grep "function hide_Password" ./*
And it will search all the files for that phrase. You can even do a recursive grep like this:

grep -r "function hide_Password" ./*
and it will search all the directories inside the current working directory. This will save your HOURS of searching!
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The “grep” really looks like a savior when it comes to helping us to find all the directories inside a working directory!! I actually had this problem a couple of times where I had to spend hours trying to debug the scripts which made absolutely no sense to me!! Thanks for sharing this will be really useful for me!!
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